Hey there! Long story short, I'm Albaraa Mishlawi, a full stack web & mobile developer from Lebnaon, while I'm not writing code I do short films.

So, you're still interested to know more?, then continue reading!


My Passion in web development started since I was a little boy, my first website was online while I'm in Grade 9 (14 years old), it's still online (and still like a *****).
I got my Bachelor Degree in Computer Science in 2012 (22 years old) from the Lebanese University.

Today, and for the last couple of years (~4), I have worked on many interesting projects, which includes of corporate websites, web solutions, mobile applications for both android & IOS using Cordova (aka Phonegap) backed up with Rest API's. And I was responsible of every stage of development from frontend (HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Vanilla Javascript) to backend (PHP, Yii Framework, Custom CMS, Amazon Services) to mobile apps (Cordova, Framework7, Ionic, Android - Java) even to planning & architecture (Database Structure, REST API Desgin, Design Patterns,...).


Also I involved in some startups like Arab Interns & GeoMI as a CTO, where I got my entrepreneurship spirit. It was awsome experience, that I'm still looking forward to work with startups.

Film Making

Mm! I think you're still asking about film making! Okay, since I was kid (again), I loved Movies and I loved the idea to make my own, so I started learning about everything (on youtube & online courses) from directing, lighting, cinematography, sound design, editing, visual effects, ... I actually did some short films (mostly action films) with my cousins and school friends, but there are nothing on youtube. Oops I just remembered, there is one check it out here

Have questions? want to discuss something with me? Feel free to email me or ask me on Twitter.

Thanks for reading!